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Insect Control in Beaver & Lawrence County

Creepy, crawly insects can be a problem for any homeowner or business owner. At Leaf Pest Control, we provide a solution—effective insect control in Pittsburgh. No matter the type of insect, our professionals have the chemicals and knowledge to eliminate the infestation quickly and correctly, making your home or business completely pest free.

Spiders, ants, wasps and bees, mosquitoes, and other pests may seem like minor problems; however, they are much more. In fact, unwanted insects can lead to serious health problems if left to invade your space. Our team has extensive experience in insect control, and will deliver a cost-efficient solution to make your space free of unwanted insects.

Insect Control in Pittsburgh

The Go-to Insect Control Company

Are you in search of a trusted pest management company to eliminate an insect problem? Look no further than Leaf Pest Control. As a full-service pest and insect control company, we have all the solutions you need, including:

With our professionals on the job, there is no need to worry. We use some of the most advanced pest control treatments available to deliver an insect control service that other companies cannot match. That isn't all. You can also rely on us for humane and safe bird removal and bat removal, too. Whatever the pest, we have the solution.

Routine Millipede Control & Centipede Control

Have you noticed many-legged creatures scurrying around the damp areas of your home or business? You may have millipedes or centipedes. Most commonly considered insects, these creatures are actually relatives to crustaceans, like lobsters, shrimp, and crayfish; however, these critters are found on land in damper or humid areas of homes and businesses.

Millipedes do not pose a threat to humans. They are known to feed on leaves and stems, causing damage to seedlings. Centipedes do have poison glands and can be a potential threat to you, your family, your employees, or your customers. Address the issue with complete millipede control and centipede control from our company! We also offer services to eradicate beetles.

Save on an Insect Control Service

Many homeowners and business owners think that pest control services from a professional are too expensive, which is why many opt out. At Leaf Pest Control, we provide safe, efficient, and affordable services for all infestations. As well, we strive to help you save by providing free estimates and quotes and various discounts. Sign an annual insect control agreement to receive two months of service for free.

Control insects easily and efficiently by contacting our company for service. We proudly serve homeowners and business owners in Beaver, New Castle, Monaca, Rochester, Cranberry Township, Mars, Seven Fields, Warrendale, Bradford Woods, Wexford, Franklin Park, Sewickely, Leetsdale, Coraopolis, Moon Township, Youngstown, Calcutta, Ohio and East Liverpool, OH.

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